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August 2015

Notting Hill Carnival 2015: Special Parking Arrangements


Enjoying the outdoors in Brent


Living in Wembley, it is difficult to appreciate all nature has to offer. There is King Edward VII Park and Barham Park, but after exploring to its deepest depths, you start to crave a little more from nature. If you, like me, are eager to continue exploring, then when not try Horsenden Hill?

Horsenden Hill is a massive hill covering parts of Greenford, Perivale and Sudbury. Upon embarking on your journey up the hill, you find yourself surrounded by trees. There are several routes, so it is easy to get lost; though by the end of the day, you will have a great anecdote about your adventurel. You may be thinking, ‘Who wants to climb an ordinary hill?’ If you are, then you are mistaken; Horsenden Hill is no ordinary hill!  It is a large one which is fitted with man made features, such as benches, gates and stairs. Walking up the hill does not go unrewarded. Not only do you lose calories but you also get to see a breathtaking view of West London.

In addition to this, how about visiting Northala fields? This is in Greenford, Ealing. Four hills stand next to each other.  After you have conquered these hills, despite being drenched in sweat, you will feel a sense of achievement. The view from the top is stunning. You can see Horsenden Hill, Harrow on the Hill and the Gherkin amongst other places. Seeing such a view really makes you feel calm which is what is needed after all the stress of work and school.

If you fancy a bit of sunbathing after a walk, Ruislip Lido is the place to go. The Lido has a forest which encircles a man-made beach. The forest is truly a testimony to how astounding nature can be. Amongst the trees are fallen trunks and trees – and you have great opportunities to learn how to climb a tree. Then when you find your way out, there is the man-made beach to look forward to. The Ruislip Lido has everything including an outside gym, sand, water and a forest. It has all these perks and you do not have to travel far, be crowded in a coach or suffer from travel sickness. Well all that definitely strikes me as amazing!

All of these places also have amazing children’s parks and toilets. Horsenden Hill even has a pirate ship!  Needless to say, they are all great places to have a picnic and a nice day out for all the family.  So why not exploit the days where the sun is shining and go for a walk?

by Linda Moronfolu, 17

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