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October 2015

Who has your vote for the Rugby World Cup?

Rugby Worl Cup pics

As summer drew to a close and everyone was faced with the prospect of returning to the mundane routine of everyday life and work, it was good news for rugby fans everywhere as England became the host to yet another world sports championship, the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Since 18 September, rugby audiences have been wowed by the athleticism and skill of world teams such as Australia, South Africa, Japan and many, many more. This time around a record 20 teams have competed for the ultimate title in world rugby and with only one winner there has been some serious competition as every player in every team pursues their dream of lifting the cup.

Amongst other world renowned sports venues, such as the Millennium Stadium, Olympic Park and Twickenham Stadium,  North West London’s very own Wembley Stadium has played host to multiple matches including that of Ireland vs Romania.  However the biggest shock of the competition has been England. Once again a sporting event that involves kicking and passing a ball has caused the English team to falter at the first hurdle with England vs Wales resulting in one of the greatest sporting upsets of the past year (to the delight of every Welshman who ever lived), making England one of the only host countries not to get through to knockouts.

More than anything the rugby world cup like the 2012 Olympics has brought together people of different ages, races and backgrounds. It is all everyone has to talk about at the moment and the air is filled with discussion as to whether frontrunners Australia, Wales, South Africa or New Zealand will take the title in the final at Twickenham Stadium on the 31 October.

The hardest part of following the World Cup is deciding what team to support, and since England are not going to win anything soon, it seems obligatory for every Brit to bet on Wales.

Who has your bet?

By Samara Roach, 17


BHP Academy takes Peter Nugent from youth board to company Board

Peter Nugent photo

I was born and brought up in Brent and I started getting involved with Brent Housing Partnership (BHP) when I was 15. I was one of the original members of the Youth Editorial Board and we started a youth column called ‘Our Say’ in BHP’s residents’ newsletter. We were able to share some of our articles on the web and we generated a really good buzz around the borough, picking up the National Federation of ALMO’s award for Best Use of Communication being one of the highlights. I really enjoyed my time working on this board, especially the intergenerational events that we organised like teaching IT to older residents. After seven years, four of those spent as the Editor, I decided it was time to try something a little different. I joined the BHP Academy after hearing about it through BHP’s Communications Manager, Nadia Khan, and thought that I may as well give it a try, setting my sights on becoming a Board Member.

The Academy was really useful as I was able to meet so many like minded people. These were people who wanted to positively influence their community and were willing to volunteer their time to do so. It offered a lot of insight in to exactly what the BHP Board does and exactly how to get involved. I wanted to be on the Board because I could influence the way BHP operates, and I thought that as a young person I would offer a fresh perspective on Brent. I am really looking forward to my time ahead and I am very excited to be getting involved. 

by Peter Nugent (BHP Co-Opted Board Member)

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