I am in my second year of A Levels in Biology, Psychology and Chemistry. At the moment, I have just come out of the other side of applying for university through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). UCAS has the power to make someone doing their second year of A Levels regret all their academic shortcomings.2015-12-15_10.12.32[1]

I started back in college at September. Initially, people were happy to see all their friends and to be back again. Some people actually complained that summer was full of perpetual boredom. I was ready to embrace UCAS; to deal with whatever it wanted to throw my direction. Indeed, I was naive. As the month wore on, applying to university as well as dealing with the hefty second year A Level workload, proved to be immensely difficult.

The autumn term turned out to be saturated with: reading up about Psychology (what I have applied to study at university); declining offers to hang out with friends; preparing for an entrance tests and stressing about my personal statement. By the end, I had 20 personal statement drafts, so many notes on Psychology, four conditional offers and an interview at Oxford University who are well known for asking challenging question.2015-12-14_14.09.48[1]

When I went to my interview at Oxford, it was an amazing experience. I was in a beautiful city where there were as many book stores on one road as there are chicken and chip shops on Wembley High Road. All the buildings looked as if they came straight out of a fairy tale. I made sure that all the time that I was not being interviewed, I spent out, exploring. My interviews were rather weird. I got asked to draw several graphs and was asked about light intensity.

By December, I was completely worn out. I felt as if I definitely earned the right to relax and rest – only it was not to be a holiday. No, I could not afford to not revise for my mocks and actually rest properly.

Now my mocks are over and I have finished applying for university. However, the work has not ended there. I have to get the grades now…so basically from now and over the next couple of months I will be revising.

By Linda Moronfolu, aged 17, Our Say Team