When you imagine a rock concert you normally picture fans with tattoos, leather jackets, brightly coloured mohawks and mosh pits. Being somebody who has experienced a fair number of rock gigs, it’s safe to say that this picture is almost exactly right.

The Carnival of Madness tour, headlining ‘Black Stone Cherry’ and featuring ‘Shinedown’, ‘Halestorm’ and ‘Highly Suspect’, came to our very own Wembley Arena on February 4 Our Say - Carnival of Madness2016, creating a euphoric atmosphere from the fans of all of the bands performing. The best thing about rock concerts, and concerts in general, is the dedication shown by the fans who queue up for hours in order to be in that front row, the faces that know all the words and the way everybody is carried away by the music.

Unfortunately, I had to exchange my standing tickets for seated tickets, even though I was very ready to queue up from the morning until 5pm when doors opened. Although sitting down definitely sacrificed a part of the experience, I was still able to enjoy it because we weren’t seated very far from the stage. If you haven’t been to a gig or a concert yet, I definitely recommend it; the bass drum will sync with your heartbeat, you’ll be screaming the lyrics into the crowd and you’ll remember the lighters waving in the air like stars in the sky.

Deveeka Yadav, 16