Linda studying

Getting work experience in psychology is a double edge sword – on one side, the degree is rather broad, so there is so much to do. For instance, a primary school placement. However, if you’re considering specialising in something like clinical psychology, it’s hell to get a specific placement.

Being a first year doesn’t help. It’s rather disorientating: being in a different city; doing degree level work and making new friends. Therefore, figuring out what I want to do with my degree, is just more stress and confusion on top of the work crushing me.

However, when a PHD student advertised posts for research assistants, I grabbed on to the offer. My initial task was to help recruit families for her study – a task, which I failed miserably in.

Luckily for me, I was given a second task to transcribe interviews she had recorded. After all, transcribing is much easier – right? Nope! Not when it takes five minutes for one recorded minute.

However, it gives me rather valuable insight to the world of research in Psychology; it’s hard work! Especially considering that transcribing data may even be the easy bit, compared to recruiting participants, collecting data and analysing it.

by Linda Moronfolu, 18