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The Pakistan Community Centre (PCC) in Willesden Green is a voluntary and charity organisation set up in 1965 to help newly arrived migrant workforce with housing, employment and other local issues. PCC has been involved in various projects including the Homeless Project working with other bodies and organisations to provide shelter and food for the less advantageous. PCC is a great role model for the community and is an excellent embodiment of true community spirit. It helps the elderly, unemployed, youth, orphans and various other members of the community who need a helping hand. There is an active ladies group in the PCC hosting varying functions including health seminars and religious classes. In addition to this, PCC holds regular employment fairs seeing many businesses, firms and organisations provide employment to local people. PCC provides locals with legal and general advice as well as having good established links around the borough.

PCC is very proud of its culture and tradition. Every year it holds religious celebration events as well as debates, weddings, birthdays and conferences. Even the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan held a conference at the centre during his Mayoral Campaign. PCC organises and facilitates many events and provides a platform where community cohesion and integration is at the top of the agenda.

In February 2017, PCC under the Chairmanship of Tariq Dar donated 500 free tree plants to the public. The project highlighted the importance of the environment and how simple things can be done to make the world a cleaner and safer place.

Tariq Dar (Chair of PCC) said “It is an Islamic duty to plant trees and we feel strongly about environment which is why we did it. We put in the ingredients for flowering trees. We got pots and compost, seeds and instructions and put them in a bag the day before, we then handed them to the public the next day for free.”

Many young members of the community also regularly help. Young members of the community have helped raise funds for PCC, participated in various events and helped the committee through various community projects. We spoke to a few youths about their experience and one member described the PCC as a “valuable asset to the community which provides a sense of togetherness and helps the less fortunate members of our diverse community.” 

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By Saqlain A Choudry,  17