IMG-20170411-WA0006Today’s top story……BHP Youth Board member, Our Say writer and BHP tenant, Savannah Mullings-Johnson is set for a career in TV journalism after landing a prestigious apprenticeship with ITN (Independent Television News).

Savannah from Kingsbury, began a full time apprenticeship earlier this year with ITN which involves working across a range of their services including Channel 4 News, ITV News, and Channel 5 News. Our Say caught up with Savannah about what the apprenticeship involves, and what she hopes to achieve in the future.

Our Say (OS): How does the apprenticeship work?

Savannah Mullings-Johnson (SMJ):”Well it’s divided into three phases:
“Phase 1 involves shadowing journalists, moving across the whole business observing
the different roles.

“Phase 2 is the current stage I am in where you are expected to do more hands-on activity and take on practical roles.

“Phase 3 starts in September and will be the ‘specialisation’ stage. I will pick a role and department and that will essentially become my full time position for the last six months of the scheme. It is also likely that the job I choose will become my official position after the apprenticeship is over, therefore it is important that I pick something I enjoy.”

OS: What projects have you done so far?

Savannah picture with camera 2SMJ: “I have been involved in several practical projects. I have produced news stories and been involved in the whole process including finding guests, organising locations and ensuring the news items are completed in time. I have also had chances to research and been given the opportunity to teach myself how to edit.

“The exposure this placement has given me is invaluable as it means that I get to move across three newsrooms, as well as network with some of the biggest journalists in the industry.”

OS: Do you have to study as well?

SMJ: “I work five days a week, typically 9 to 5. However one of those days is spent
at college studying a Level 3 Creative and Digital Media course. All apprenticeships
must incorporate some form of studying.”

OS: What has been your favourite moment?Savannah with Charlene White

SMJ: “There has been a few favourite moments, but the standout one for me was when I met my idol Charlene White (BBC London news presenter) during my induction week.

Meeting her was such a surreal experience and she gave us all such invaluable advice.”

OS: What advice would you give to those wanting to break into the creative industry?

SMJ: “Get work experience! I cannot express enough how much this counts. One thing a lot of young people struggle with, including myself is actually getting the work experience due to how competitive it is. The best piece of advice I can give for that is make your own experience. For example I struggled getting experience with reputable companies so I began volunteering in local community roles that involved media like the BHP Youth Board, Radio Harrow to develop my presenting skills, writing for online magazines and started my own blog.

“It might be hard to essentially work for free but all great creatives have done it in order to get their foot in the door and develop their skills.”

OS: Where do you see yourself after the apprenticeship is finished?

SMJ: “It is hard to say because every day is a different learning experience and I am constantly discovering new roles so my mind always changes, but I can say that
my end goal is entertainment journalism so hopefully one day you will see me covering all the red carpets.”